My name is Michael, I am married +2, passionate about music, technology and since 2016 I got into the world of investing.

My Career - Product Management

I am an experienced technology product manager and an active tech community member and contributor.

Since October 2018, I co-founded a company called ROX Financial. Currently we are operating in a stealth mode.

I am also working with several startups in various roles and also serving as a mentor in the TechStars accelerator.

Before ROX, I spent 10 years working on Viber. I started as Viber’s Head of Product, I was responsible for the long-term vision of the Viber platform, product planning and design. I have been a key member of the executive team working alongside with the founders since the launch of the company in December 2010. The company gained over 1 billion users since its launch and constantly improving the product and delivering new experiences. In February 2014, Viber was acquired by Rakuten.

One year into the acquisition, I became the COO of Rakuten Viber. As Chief Operating Officer, I was responsible for the operational running of the fast-moving business. For 2 years, I was serving as an "interim CEO", leading the company and performing a search for a new CEO. In the end of 2018, I decided to start a new venture, and during 2019 I remained as an advisor at Rakuten Viber.

Prior to Viber, I was a Product Manager at iMesh, one of the world’s first peer-to-peer file sharing services. My love to product design and user experience drove me to start ‘UX Storytelling’, a hub designed for the UX and product management community to share stories and ideas.


Before that, I established a design and development studio called YAM and with another partner, we provided web design and development services.

Quality Investing - The Stock Market

I am really excited about the opportunity of owning a part of a great business. That’s exactly what happens when I manage to purchase a stock of such business. I am buying a part of that company. As a part owner, I am entitled to a share of the profits and assets of that business.

Before the financial aspects of investing, looking into high-quality businesses teaches me a lot about how our world works.

I am always trying to understand what makes a great company successful and where this business is heading to.

Finding a great business doesn't make it into a good investment, I am also looking at the price and trying to evaluate how much the business worth. If the price is not too high (the good ones usually are), I start looking deeper and consider investing.

Learning about a business, its risks and rewards, its strategy and leadership is always interesting. Owning a small piece of a business I just finished researching and understanding, is something I find really exciting. Making some money on the way is even better.

If I managed to perform a decent research and valuation, I will probably earn some money. However, this I learned is not that easy. It took me over 3 years to get comfortable with calling myself an 'Investor'. Reading, watching, listening, and learning, taught me that there is always more to read, listen, watch, and learn. Not only about Investing, but also about myself. When I started, I had no understanding of what investing means and what it takes. Today, I have some level of understanding but it is only the beginning of the journey.