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I have started my journey as an investor in 2015 and I enjoy learning about business models, ecosystems, moats and always trying to understand what makes a business successful.

It took me a few years to better understand what kind of investor I would like to be, what approach is more suitable for me, to my character and capabilities. 

Learning about investing introduced me to value investing, while it was fully valuable for me, many times, I wasn't comfortable with the fundamentals of value investing. At the same time, some of the best growth companies became ridiculously expensive.

At some point, something changed in how I looked at the world of investing - for the first time, I felt a strong connection with an approach which I learned about from Terry Smith.

I recommend watching this video if you are not yet familiar with Terry Smith.

While my personal views and thoguths always evolve, I do feel comfortable with his approach:

  1. Only invest in good companies

  2. Don't overpay

  3. Do nothing

This is exactly why after considering to become a full-time investor, I have decided not to do it. At least not yet.


I love my day (and night) job, building products that can bring delight and value to users is still something I am truly passionate about. In addition, I better be busy, otherwise, "doing nothing" isn't working...

Angel Investing


Health Care

Remote patient monitoring for mental health disorders, starting with ADHD.



A ride sharing platform operating in NYC which was acquired by Gett in 2017.

About the acquisition

Investment Resources

I learned a lot by reading great books about investing, made several value investing courses (online and offline), watched many great videos, subscribed to newsletters and listened to great podcasts on Spotify. I have decided to share a list of the various resources and services I have found valuable.


Investment Resources