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Capital Markets

I began investing in 2015, driven by a fascination with business models, ecosystems, and moats, aiming to grasp the essence of a successful business. Over time, I clarified my investment identity and the approach that fits my personality and skills.


I was initially attracted to growth investing primarily because I was more familiar with tech companies and believed in their future. This paid off quickly; however, by learning more about investing, I started understanding the importance of diversification, especially since the best growth companies in my portfolio became ridiculously expensive.

This led me to learn and dive into value investing. I have taken a course and read a few great books. While I started diversifying, I found some value investing fundamentals somewhat misaligned with my comfort zone.


My perspective shifted significantly after discovering Terry Smith's investment philosophy, which resonated with me deeply. His strategy emphasizes investing in high-quality companies, avoiding overpayment, and adopting a patient, hands-off approach. This philosophy aligns with my evolving views, especially since I've decided against pursuing full-time investing for now.


I remain committed to my career in product development, where I find joy and fulfillment in creating valuable, delightful products. 

*I recommend watching this video if you are unfamiliar with Terry Smith.

Angel Investing

Cyanite AI

Artificial intelligence |

AI technology that enables an effective music search and tagging engine.


Proptech |

Enabling property managers to engage and retain owners and buyers.


Health Care |

Remote patient monitoring for mental health disorders, starting with ADHD.


Transportation | About the acquisition

A ride sharing platform operating in NYC which was acquired by Gett in 2017.

Investment Resources

My investment knowledge expanded through reading, taking courses, watching videos, and listening to podcasts. This taught me the importance of continuous learning and the value of sharing resources.

Investment Resources

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