At some point, it got me! I got excited about looking for high-quality businesses and trying to understand what makes them successful. Finding one doesn't make it into a good investment, but you will always learn something new. When you find one, you look at its price, and if it is not too high (the good ones usually are),  then you consider investing.


Investing makes you a shareholder. You now own a piece of the business you just finished researching and understanding. If you did decent research, you would probably earn some money. For me, this changed quickly from curiosity and hobby to continues research, going back to school, getting comfortable with excel sheets, and eventually becoming an investor. It took me three years before I was able to say this word about myself - 'Investor.' I know it is not difficult to become an investor. The challenge is to become a good one, moreover, to understand what it means to be a good investor. 


I am not yet there! ​Reading, watching, listening, and learning, taught me that there is always more to read, listen, watch, and learn. I started investing in 2016, before having any understanding of what investing means and what it takes. I started with the companies that felt right to me.

  • Apple - If everyone is so excited about their iPhone and waiting every year to watch Apple's live streams and announcements, Apple must be doing something right.

  • Amazon - very fast growing and starting to be profitable. I must invest in their growth.

  • Google, Facebook, and Netflix came next since my experience with Tech gave me even more confidence that these are good shares to own.

​Well, so far, these calls weren't wrong:

  • Apple Shares (+110%)

  • Amazon Shares (+130%)

  • Facebook Shares (+135%)

  • Google Shares (+60%)

  • Netflix Shares (+150%)

While the companies kept performing, there was a significant decline in the growth rates in the last two years, compare to the .

I realised that I need to:

  • Learn more

  • Diversify (Exploe additional sectors and

The first thing I did is to prepare a list of investing resources and tools. You can find it here.

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