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  • Michael Shmilov

No Voice

Earlier this week, I return from a business trip to the US. I have visited NYC for three days and then San Francisco for another three days. In total, I needed to catch five flights in 6 days (I flew with connections through Germany).

The trip was good; however, I got some viral infection, and as a result, due to laryngitis, I lost my voice. It happens when our "voice box" becomes irritated and inflamed; it can last for a few days or longer if you don't rest your voice.

So now, this means I need to be quiet, not just think before I say something, but not to speak at all, even if I am convinced that I have something smart to say.

Here I am, usually try hard to keep my mouth shut and now struggling not to open it. The worse part, I don't even have something smart I wanted to say.


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