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  • Michael Shmilov


New music. Something I was very much excited about in the past. New singles, albums, remixes, versions, duets, stories, etc.

Streaming services are great but they also harm the overall excitement about new music (at least for me).

Playlists. never ending lists of songs "hand picked" by a smart algorithm. I love those picks, because people like me love them. I have Shazam listening all the time and helping me to identify a song in case I am not in the mood to switch tabs.

I have hundreds of CDs collecting dust on the shelf, many hide in a suitcase (an old DJ case I was using in the past), and many more laying between pages of a large CD bag, without the boxes/covers I decided to get rid off (which makes no sense when I think about it today).

I don't even have a CD player connected to the speakers at home and it is anyway much faster on hit play on the mobile and stream directly to the speaker. I have no idea what to do with the collection but I know one thing - I remember each CD I have, where I got it, why I loved it and which song numbers exactly I loved. In comparison, I don't even remember what I listened to in the last months on Apple Music, YouTube, etc.

However, today I did paid attention to what I was listening to. Charlotte Gainsbourg released a new album. Her 4th official and complete album. I love the first two, I have the CD's on the shelf but I never listened to the 3rd one. I guess it was released after I stopped buying CD's and before the "hand picked" algorithm decided that people like me and myself would most probably like it.

The album "Rest" is very nice, great sounds, Charlotte's soft voice is always pleasant, the french lyrics sound beautiful - I almost understand what she sings (and wrote in the first time) even without speaking french fluently. Her 2nd album was produced by Beck (also the 3rd but again, I never listened to it). I loved this album because if felt to me like a feminine version of Beck, female vocals but with Beck's interesting sounds and melodies. This album is produced by Guy-Manuel who did an amazing job (he is by the way one half of the French music duo Daft Punk).

*There is also a visit from Sir Paul McCartney.

This post is an attempt to create a deeper connection with a new music I enjoy. Hopefully this will help me to remember and finally find a way to say good bye to the hard copies. I am new to blogging but like Charlotte Gainsbourg said: "I love being a beginner. It can be a terrible feeling because you're ashamed of everything you do, but it's so exciting at the same time."

Take the time to listen to the complete album but meanwhile enjoy the video to “Rest”, which she herself directed:

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